Our trip was exactly as we had planned it. Every tour scheduled, was exactly as described by our travel agent...
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Our travel agency (“Step In Georgia”) was from very beginning very professional and friendly...
Georgien er et uforglemmeligt land, med et fantastisk folk, den lækreste mad og rigtig gode vine!
“Друзья!!! Спасибо за ваше гостеприимство. Грузья – прекрасная страна с древнеешей историей.”
Friends, Thank you so much. You made our vacation!!!!! your service and hospitality was awesome...
Friends, Thank you for your hospitality. Georgia is a beautiful country with it`s ancient history.
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6 of the best National parks in Georgia for kicking off epic adventures!

Currently, Georgia has 10 National Parks with a total area of 349327,1 ha. With so much beauty to behold, it’s not that easy to choose which national parks are the best to travel to — but this list will help. Based on factors like breathtaking natural landmarks and beautiful landscapes, an abundance of wildlife and camping opportunities we have rounded up 6 of the best national parks in Georgia for kicking off epic adventures.

  1. Great hiking and trekking opportunities at Kazbegi National Park

Kazbegi National Park is located in the Greater Caucasus Mountains in northern Georgia and covers an area of 78 543,4 ha. Only 35% on the park is covered by forest and the rest is alpine pastures, snow-covered peaks, and impregnable rocks. These rocks and mountains are native areas for lots of rare and unique species of animals and birds.

  1. Jeep tour at Vashlovani National Park

Vashlovani Protected Area known as “Georgian Safari” is definitely one of the most beautiful places you might hope to see in Georgia.

There is something haunting and really mystical about being in this place and you can’t realize it until the WiFi signal is miles behind you… Mystic valleys, alongside the wide-open spaces, the wide-open stunningly beautiful views, old dusty roads, old folks, shepherd’s dogs, the sound of the horse’s hooves. See also: Georgian Safari Perfection — a look inside Vashlovani Protected Area!

  1. Horseback riding at Borjomi- Kharagauli National Park

It’s hard to imagine a more thrilling way to explore Borjomi-Kharagauli National Parks than on horseback. the park offers stunning panoramic views and challenging rides you won’t easily forget. See also: 5 reasons why Borjomi is the Best Town for Outdoor Lovers!

  1. Wild walks in a mysterious Mtirala National Park

There are only two tourist trails in Mtirala National Park: Tsablnari (Chestnut forest) and Tsivtskaro, both of these trails are well marked and well-arranged as well as picnic and camping areas.

  1. Camping at Tbilisi National Park

Camping is one of the best and easiest escapes into nature, away from the chores and routines of daily life. So, put away your phone and go camping at Tbilisi national park, which offers so many beautiful views and campsites for nature lovers. See also: Top 10 Camping Spots to Enjoy the Wilderness of Georgia!

  1. Kayaking and boating tours at Kolkheti National Park

Kolkheti National Park offers boat tours on Lake Paliastomi and river Pichori gorge as well as bird watching, kayaking and educational tours for visitors. for detailed information please contact the administration of the park here.

Adventure can come in many forms, whether it’s reaching the summit of the mountain or rafting in a crazy mountain river. No matter how you choose to adventure, there’s no better feeling than throwing your worldly belongings into a backpack and heading out on an adventure to explore another country.

So just do it, book your flight, its time to consider Georgia as your next travel destination.


Author: Natia Pashurishvili